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              Out of home marketing reinvented. We connect brands with city lifestyle through our unique advertising platform call retmosphere, that engages customers on the go. We serve brand awareness in close proximity and re engage customers, with improved out of home digital marketing to connect customers with brands as well as engagement level.  We are able to do this through our cloud based platform in connection with the retail stores. 

We help advertisers reach more offline customers and break through the noise.

            Our vision is to serve as an alternative or complimentary marketing platform that enable advertisers to book advertising space on digital screens anywhere at any time as simple as ordering an Uber.  A solution that’s both accessible and affordable, helping any business on any budget to create and publish advertising and messaging on digital screens easily, in real-time. We are able to achieve this through partnership and relationship.


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Hälsa & Fitness in Gothenburg, Sweden

-A local Health and fitness retail store

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