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OAOOH is a cutting edge technology company, that was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden 2019. The business goal is to serve innovative technology for business to business through digital communication systems and create a better connection between brand and consumers. With our holistic vision we will have a more connected business and a larger impact on brands.

OAOOHs mission is to create brand awareness in mind, therefore making it easier for advertisers to be quick to market regardless of the budget size and for customers to trust brands before and at point of purchase. 

OAOOHs vision is to use retmosphere platforms to serve as an alternative and complementary platform for your marketing.

 We pride grow with recognition.

Our mission to our retail partners is to use digital technology to connect retail stores within urban areas in association with different brands.

Imagine a retail store at point A have the ability to share content with a retail store in point B, triggering his or her promotional content in real time to target customers on the go before the point of purchase. Our goal is to make customers trust brands before and at the point of purchase.

With OAOOHs connected retail partners, we drive sales and city experience froward with sustainable technology that connects brands with city lifestyle.

It’s that simple. Our mission for advertisers is to use the retmosphere demographic-driven digital display platform to enable advertiser to instantly create and publish an advert or message in real-time in physical precision. We use screens of 46 -55 inches displays with 2500 – 4000nit brightness, that are mounted in stores front window to target offline customers on the go. 

We are able to do this through our cloud based content management system that is connected to the digital screens . With our web-based platform advertiser are able to schedule, choose location, set budget and go live instantly.

We make the traditional out of home marketing more flexible, easy to engage and sustainable to advertisers of any size.

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With our cloud based technology, retail stores are able to share content at any chosen location and earn extra income through suppliers. While advertisers are able to share high target messages to reach their potential target audience on the go. With retmosphere demographic platform, advertisers can trigger an ad depending on the weather, time of day, or a special event in the city. We use demographic data to empower your brand.

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