Choose dates

Advertisers have the options to choose dates.  This gives advertisers  the availability of a run time space in our platform. With the right date given, we can schedule your ad in respect to your request. This help us to plan your ad run time space proper to get the best effective and efficient outcome of your advertisment

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Set your marketing budget

You are entitled to  your own budget on how much you as an advertiser want to spend. One of it unique characteristic  is that it gives you the freedom of total control of your spending when it comes to using our platform. It that simple. With it simplicity, advertisers can upload, schedule, allocate content, set budget and go live. 

Alternative platform

Reach large audience at once

Complement your online ads with out of home space perception.

Got to market

Retmosphere act as a fast, cheap and sustainable way to test brand and grow impression in out of home space.  We re-engage your message in market place within close proximity of your target audience. We make sure re engagement on the big screen is possible, and that it fit into any budget size and  save you time