Project Description


                                                                                           Sales and marketing.

Sales : Retail stores could find it challenging to grow a solid customer base, maintain loyal customers and to increase revenue. Without a steady sale, retail stores could be forced to shut down. due to lack of sales and steady flow of revenue.

Marketing :  Marketing plays a major role in communicating and making your brand known to your target audience. This helps expand your customer segmentation and drives sales forward. Businesses without any means to communicate to their customers or target audience tends to struggle more in the marketplace.

With the help of Oaoohs technology retail stores can communicate their message to customers digitally in out of home space. A large benefit from this, is that your target audience will see your message. Compare to your online ad that gets blocked by ad blocker, viewed by AI/ad frauds or only reach specific digital users.  

We deviate from the traditional print format that could be hard to update and impossible to display live retail offers on the go.


Our strategy is to increase sales and drive brands forward. We provide the tools needed for you to grow your business in the marketplace. Our strategy includes digital out of home solution, content sharing  management software and a visibility point between retail stores and other brands.


Digital signage : With our digital signage, a retail store can attract customers, update and commute information directly to a customer. This informs the customers what the stores are offering before and at the point of purchase. With proper information in place to trigger customer purchases, digital signages could display multiple store offers at once to reach that specific customers. Our platform, enables brand to reach on-the-go customers while they are outside their homes with highly targeted messages.

The implementation of effective strategies, such that creativity, relevance and immediacy are use to assure the service will reach the great number of potential customers at once. The service offers the flexibility to get noticed, tell stories that resonate with your customer and the freedom for brands to re engage with people within a short period of time.

With our innovative solution, retail stores are able to market their products physically in out of their location by enabling themselves to target or choose a particular location to reach new customer segmentation to drive sales forward. The solution simplifies the process in reaching and communicating directly with customers physically at any chosen location instead of the use of online tools to execute physical precision. Oaooh pride physical precision with physical market place.

The Process

We provide a platform that enable retail stores to communicate directly with their customer that are off line or on the go.  With our platform a retail store could be able to promote sales to customers within and outside their location to increase in store sales.

We are able to do by using retail front store window as a potential visibility point between  brand and customers.

There are major benefit for the retail store :

1. Immediate sale promotion.
2. Understanding who your customer is.
3. Earn passive income : Addition income to empower your store.
4. Grow by recognition. We make customers trust your product before and at the point of purchase.
5. Target content in real time.
6. It gives unique experience to the retail stores as well  as to their customers.

This automatically creates a new market for retail stores to serve ads through their digital screens and earn passive income. This process connects advertisers with retail stores to reach their target audience that are out of home. OAOOH utilize this medium to create a better city experience and a connected city.


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