Make Money

OAOOH technology offers an innovative technology platform design  for retail store to earn passive income without effort. The platform argue retail stores around rural and urban areas to invest into digital signage screens.

This enables registered stores to become registered channel partners in Oaooh platform, which hereby gives retail stores access to connected signage screens within and outside their locations. With our innovative vision with retail stores, Oaooh tend to serve brand visibility and generate more revenue for our partners.

Semi -digital signage attract and engage audiences on the go, it also increasing the probability of an in-store visit which enhances storefronts visibility and attract customers. It also generate sale and immediate promote perception

Passive income

As a retail store, your return on  investment on digital signage could be two to five month after your screen has been connected and install on the front window of your store. Oaooh retail partners gets free access into our network that allows sponsored content to be distributed through their signage screen at their location and earn passive income base on the amount of sponsored ads that is serve through their digital signage screen. One time investment long term value

Store visibility

You tend to stand out by enhancing customer experience by playing a major role in becoming a visibility point for brands and customers. This gives your store an entire unique visual destination point for on the go customers to perceive your store.

Advertise : One unique benefit of being a partner is that you can immediately promote perception at store and the use of other signage screens to promote services/brand in strategic locations which give retail store a rich reach to their existing and becoming customers.

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