Register with us

To register as Oaooh partner, you should have a valid company registration number, along with a valid company information, such as address, phone number, and email. Yes it that simple.

As a registered partner both parties will have to sign a partnership agreement contract and  use of private and company  information.

Contact Oaooh for more info.

Visible store windows

We connect the city with smart digital signages by marking the city live and smart. Oaooh re engage brand contents to enhance visibility and city experience.

                                                                              Your message light our city.

Oaooh pride retail window space as  point of brand visibility within urban and rural areas. With your front window face to the streets, your window  have the potential to earn you passive income, and at the same time the opportunity to reach potential  customers on the go.

With us, we connect you with other retail stores to maximize your visibility within  and outside your proximity.  We engage your customers before, and at the point of purchase. Oaooh utilize your window space to empower brands and it atmosphere. 

City experience through digitalization

Generate extra revenue 99%
Eyes captivating. 100%
Stoping power 70 %
Get a screen